Product Matrix
Our goal is to create perfect retail solution
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The time to reach the breakeven point is the most important part of a business. Eliminate the display and big machine body, saving energy results in cost saving. Operate a low-cost and high-margin business is the fastest way to achieve breakeven point.
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An opaque machine always makes us lack of security as we never know what is inside. We can manufacture large display machine which is more suitable for advertisement. We can also manufacture transparent machine which is more eye-catching and having better sales. But why don't we combine these two to have it visible to users and at the same time having a large screen!
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There is always a product that needs to be stored in room temperature, such as bread and basic commodities.
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A rule from retail industry - "If you understand women, you could understand the world". Selling emergency commodities in the category of living necessities, such as the product we always need at the embarrass moment, napkin, or tissue that we need in our daily life. By satisfying women's emergency needs and daily needs, we are able to give caring and thoughtfulness to all the women.
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ZIMA Masky
With the normalization of the epidemic situation, everyone has to prevent COVID, and masks have become a daily necessity. The 3285 billion USD global epidemic prevention,Immediate demand market, which only cost USD 100/machine. Mini size and very flexible.
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ZIMA Classic
In the operation of vending machine, the labor cost and time cost of replenishment distribution can not be ignored. Zima Classic has 700 + inventory capacity, which can effectively reduce the product replenishment; optional intelligent lifting platform to support the sale of eggs, red wine and other fragile high-frequent consumption goods.
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Smart Connect
Smarter, ZIMA APP connects to all machines
Points / Membership / Coupons / Stamps / Company Discounts
Datamation retailing - We master all the keys for boosting sales
APP Features
Requires iOS 10.0 or later, Android 4.0 or later.
Integrated Structure
"Ideal" is a mature consideration on every aspect
Metal body design Electronic Circuit development APP development Server operation and maintenance
Low production cost as raw materials are direct supplied from factories - Strict quality control on production process
Big data analysis - Collect data from user apps for analysis, for bug fixing and service improvement
ZIMA Machines are manufactured by our own factory with high quality operation centre and operating strategy
Future is full of possibilities and surprise... Stay tuned
Every one of you has your own strengths, ZIMA needs every one of you
I have my own machine
Upgrade Machine
Upgrade the electronic circuit and system of traditional non-intelligent machine to the version that is available for app ordering, inventory review, remote smart feedback
App Integration
All unmanned machines can connect to our APP, utilise our marketing tools to boost sales
ZIMA Works For You
Daily merchandise, warehouse storage, filling and customer service
I don't have my own machine
Location Recommendation
Help us to find the suitable location for setting machine and gain bonus
Purchase Machine
Purchase hardware equipment with software system support
Gain more income by joining our franchise in city where we have already expanded to
City Partner
Be our City Partner in the city where we have not explored
Consideration on Every Aspect
Flexible, local and global
Customise hardware size and function according to local conditions.
Cash/Coin Slot
Credit Card
Lighting Strip
All optional equipments such as Octopus, cash/coin slot, credit card, lighting strip can be selected to build in the machine.
Adjust according to local preference for better user experience.
Can finish modification of hardware or software within 60 days.
Adjust product types, pick-up method and others according to local consumer needs.
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