32-inch screen smart retail terminal
An opaque machine always makes us lack of security as we never know what is inside. We manufacture large display machine which is more suitable for advertisement. We also manufacture transparent machine which is more eye-catching and having better sales. But why don't we combine these two to have it visible to users and at the same time having a large screen!
32-inch large screen
Smart Advertising
Product Visibility
High Conversion Rate
Best for Product Storage
Smart Operation
Real-time Data Analysis
Interactive screen, all-in-one solution
32-inch large screen create more advertisement value. Interactive and experimental consumption elevate sales.
Smart temperature control system
Stable temperature control, temperature control up to 4°C. Easily handle the storage of fresh dairy products.
Product visible, higher sales volume
Transparent showcase + large screen. Visible product, higher conversion rate.
Fresh high-demand dairy products
ZIMA Pro is the best choice for selling fresh milk or dairy product. Community, school and dormitories are the ideal location for setting up ZIMA machine, customer flow is concentrated and the market is huge.
1950 * 867 * 889 mm
Supported screen, in-app purchase
Payment Method
In-app payment, electronic payment, octopus, credit card
Maximum Product Type
30-34 type
Maximum Capacity
Exclusive Equipment
Built-in drop sensor
Temperature Monitoring
Special Design
2-way display, conveyor design, customise size of different product
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