Business Cooperation
Efficient operation is low cost Saving money faster is really saving money
10 Cooperation type
The specialised scheme tailor-made for you
Connect to ZIMA APP
Connect ZIMA APP to existing vending machines
Benefit Analysis
  • Increase online APP sales channels for vending machine products
  • Realize more marketing methods such as user management, coupon promotion, and points
ZIMA Operates For You
Purchasing, product selection, customer service, warehousing, distribution, shelves, marketing, we will solve it for you in one stop, you just throw your hand as the shopkeeper
Benefit Analysis
  • Enjoy more professional operation service, save operation cost and trouble
  • Refined operation and realization of more marketing activities
  • In addition to the daily rent and electricity expenses, you only need to pay a commission for the sale of a small amount of goods
Machine Upgrade
Having exclusive management rights and enjoy regional protection policies; manage all local stand-alone franchisees and get huge profits
Benefit Analysis
  • One-click accurate acquisition of goods invoicing, inventory and storage, reduce unnecessary distribution, and facilitate management
  • All unmanned machines can connect to our APP, utilise our marketing tools to boost sales
Brand Cooperation
Help local brands customize machines and operate on behalf of them
Benefit Analysis
  • Simple machine hardware investment, you can enjoy more efficient terminal sales support
  • No need to pay the shelf fees for supermarkets and shopping malls, lower investment
Machine Investment
When an operation center has been established locally, join a single machine to obtain the dividend rights; no operation is required, and you will be responsible for profit and loss
Benefit Analysis
  • Enjoy the dividend paid by the partnership company in a certain share of the profit
  • Machine screen and body advertising revenue
  • You only need to bear the stand-alone joining fee, distribution fee and software management fee
City Exclusive Agent
When an operation center has been established locally, join a single machine to obtain the dividend rights; no operation is required, and you will be responsible for profit and loss
Benefit Analysis
  • Management area + stand-alone operation, diversified profits
  • Enjoy the original company's sales and advertising revenue
  • Possess a priority quota for buying company shares
  • Operating self-financing
City Partner
Each model needs to purchase at least 5 or more to support operation; self-built warehouse, responsible for procurement, warehousing, distribution, venues, etc .; we are responsible for customer service, product selection, data collation, and advertising to help find
Benefit Analysis
  • Enjoy lower discounts to get the machine, remote service
  • Enjoy revenue from body advertising and screen advertising
Purchase Machine
Purchase machine, with background system and order interface, need to purchase additional accessories; support APP order, but divided into the same as docking APP, we will provide remote activity push
Benefit Analysis
  • No experience, no technology, strong background system support, remote activity push
Machine Customisation and Production
The hardware size and function can be customized according to different needs (such as modifying the goods lane, shipping method, payment method),Can finish modification of hardware or software within 60 days.
Benefit Analysis
  • Hardware customisation, Optional Equipment, Consideration on Every Aspect
Recommned Location
Help us to find the suitable location for setting machine and gain bonus
Benefit Analysis
  • Referral fee reward
  • Priority to join the venue
ZIMA 10 cooperation rights
Committed to making partners more profitable
APP Support
Smart APP connection
Direct to end-user marketing
Connect all the vending machine through one app to increase customers' loyalty, turning new customers into regular customers.
Advertisement Income
Cloud advertisement platform
Start to earn money once the machine is on
Machine body, screen display, APP Targeting the right audience by locating them through ZIMA APP for effective advertising
Payment System Support
Different payment method set up
Handle different kind of transaction easily
Payment is a must in business. ZIMA covers all the main stream payment methods. Establish the most easy and fastest payment
Retail Profit
Earn the high margin of retail profit
Membership Benefit
Consumers become ZIMA members to enjoy more discount or promotion
Machine Upgrade
Upgrade machine function, parts and module installation
Product Supply
Partners get the profit from the price differences of ZIMA retail price and ZIMA Supply
Hardware Support
Customize hardware dimension, function, multi-model type support
Marketing Event
Member management, coupon promotion, loyalty point system, accurate and high efficiency point to point marketing event support
After-sale Service
7/24 online customer service, 1 to 1after-sale service, report problem at any time
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