QR code scanning smart retail terminal
The time to reach the breakeven point is the most important part of a business. Eliminate the display and big machine body, saving energy results in cost saving. Operate a low-cost and high-margin business is the fastest way to achieve breakeven point.
Faster Rate of Turnover
Selling one product in every 5 second
Easy to Setup
Lower Operation Cost
Low Cost
No rental cost and electricity cost
24-hour Service
Do not require manpower to operate
3 steps to purchase in 5 seconds
Got the product by just one click
Scan QR code
Choose Product
Small size with high capacity
High flexibility to set up
ZIMA Slim automatic vending machine with no screen makes it much lighter and handy. Achieving cost-effective and high efficiency. ZIMA Slim also stores more products than other ZIMA machines.
Create for office use
Operating profit is more substantial
ZIMA Slim is not restricted by customer flow. It can be the welfare machine of a company. To serve afternoon tea or over time working allowance. It can also be extensively set up in every office respectively for selling snacks and coffee with less rental fee and electricity fee.
1980*560*830 mm
Supported in-app purchase
Payment Method
In-app payment, electronic payment
Maximum Product Type
6 type
Maximum Capacity
Exclusive Equipment
Built-in drop sensor
Temperature Monitoring
Special Design
Lightweight and slim design to match the indoor environment
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