Micro Supermarket
Beverage and snack machine ZIMA CLASSIC
Beverage and snack machine zima classic with 700+ large and super capacity palletized delivery for fragile goods
700+ large capacity, saving the cost of replenishment and distribution
(capacity space 270-700+)
The sub cabinet can be compatible with various services such as power bank
Tray type with the intelligent lifting platform Stable and safe delivery Support the optional lifting platform, which can sell eggs, red wine and other fragile products
1-25℃ constant temperature preservation Better storage
Panoramic window to attract different customers Sell fast, sell more, make more profit
Screen and fuselage advertising resources Enjoy gaining the investment income
Drop detection and security Ensure normal delivery
Intelligent management backend system Easy management of all vending machines
Authoritative certification and guaranteed quality Domestic patent certification CQC/CE international authoritative standard certification stable equipment and failure rate as low as 1%
Multiple shopping channels App/touch screen
Convenient payment App / Wechat / Alipay / banknote / coin / swipe card
It is suitable for communities and office buildings Office, School Subway stations, shopping malls, hospitals and other scenes
Different models, all-round to meet your business needs
ZIMA CLASSIC A/B Spring machine
ZIMA CLASSIC C Main and auxiliary cabinet spring machine
ZIMA CLASSIC D Large capacity spring machine for main and auxiliary cabinets
ZIMA CLASSIC E Main and auxiliary cabinet spring machine
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