Smart APP. Enlighten all the machines
All the machines are connected by ZIMA App
Users only need to use ONE ZIMA APP to connect all the unmanned machine when handling different transaction, reducing any inconvenience caused by switching APPS and machines during consumption.
Easy transaction, effective outcome
O2O Purchase Function
Showing all the ZIMA vending machine nearby, helping you to find the nearest machine! Online ordering and product pre-ordering, pick up product from offline vending machine. Gather loyalty point online, redeem offline, more efficient operation and easier income generation!
More members, more sales
Smart CRM System
Accurate CRM with thousands of online methods will help you to continuously tap the value of single customers, turn street customers into regular customers, build customer value-added systems, increase user stickiness and increase repurchase rate!
Receive a stamp after a successful transaction, stamp can be redeemed for coupons.
Member shopping, consumption, joining event can collect loyalty points, for redeeming products.
Member rank, member privilege... a complete membership system can help you to retain more customers.
Effective marketing
More ways of marketing strategy
Data collection based on consumption activities through online platform and considering every aspect from customers acquisition, repurchase, retention to referral.
Attract new customers
More coupon, gift for referral, exclusive price for new members
Higher conversion rate, turning visitors to consumers, more transactions and sales
Limited discount, limited-time coupons and more
More sales and profits
Discount for higher purchase amount, discount package, free gift for target purchase amount
Higher customer retention rate and repurchase rate, reduce customer attrition rate
loyalty point shopping mall membership system
More cost saving and help increase employees' satisfaction
Corporate welfare allowance function
Allowing corporate to execute employee welfare / benefit easily by adjusting the offer discount period and discount rate etc. ZIMA provides all-round services, including products, operation and services regarding to corporate purchasing. Saving cost for employer while increasing employees'satisfaction.
Afternoon Tea
Breakfast Allowance
Overtime Allowance
Night Shift Subsidy
Outstanding employee / team achievement
Holiday duty allowance