ZIMA unmanned machine
Retail Solution Design For
Global Market Business
Hardware support for all kind of conditions + software marketing tools + cloud operation centre = effective marketing
Undefeatable golden triangle
3 ZIMA unmanned machine solution
From online to offline, global connection
Zima App
Provide a personalised marketing scheme for global partner
One ZIMA APP to support the usage of all kind of unmanned machine. Through the connection between app and end user, allowing the execution of marketing scheme such as loyalty points, sharing, promotion, membership, etc., turning more new customers into regular customers.
Hardware Development
Providing different kind of unmanned machine depend of different business situation in the world
ZIMA focuses development in the hardware aspect, provides solution for different location like office, community and hotel. Besides normal vending machine, more unmanned machines will be release in the future to bring convenience to people's life and achieving higher commercial profit.
Cloud Operation Centre
Provide effective operation to global partner to help reducing cost and increase performance
Execute effective operation on each machine including product selection, operation and marketing. In order to reduce unnecessary operation cost, datamation and effective marketing is a must.
ZIMA solves marketing problems for partners
dedicated to help partners to earn more income
Sales Increased
Operate 7/24
Labour cost reduced
Require less labour cost Require less manpower
Rate of repurchase
≥ 37%
Strong operation backup Effective marketing
ZIMA already helped many partners to solve the problem of high costing, low repurchase rate and low profit rate.
Core Product
Create for smart end-user
ZIMA has all-round product matrix and widely used in food and beverage, dairy products, basic commodities, etc. All kind of machines can be utilized massively and suitable for different scenarios.
Large screen, clear showcase, smart terminal
New screen structure, smart thermostat, transparent showcase
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QR code scanning smart retail terminal
Light and handy easy to setup cost-effective
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Integrated room temperature, smart retail terminal
Full view window, adapt to different product sizes, more room to display
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New large screen, room-temp, smart terminal
Thin body light and handy high capacity
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Epidemic prevention Vending machine
A small investment with Major Gains, gained from epidemic prevention
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Micro Supermarket
700 +super large capacity dispensing for fragile goods
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More Features
ZIMA Smart Payment System
Accept various payment methods
Electronic Payment
Card Payment
Support payment through QR code scanning / Pay in APP
Visa, Octopus
ZIMA Smart Operation Platform
Make operation more effective
Monitoring, management, analysis, marketing all together, support real-time monitoring, income can be reviewed at any time. Operator is able to check inventory status by just one click, smart remote monitoring management can help you to operate easily.
3 type of ZIMA advertisement
Generate income immediately once the machine is on
Machine body, screen display, app receive income from 3 type of advertisement at a time. Targeting right audience by locating customers geographically by ZIMA APP. Effective for corporate and local business to advertise.