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What are the difficulties when Chinese do business in overseas?
  • Language barrier
  • High investment cost in the beginning stage
  • High rental cost, labour cost and operation cost
  • Saturated market
  • Need professional skills
  • Spend too much time, no time for family
  • Lacking resources and social network
What kind of business can avoid all these problems?
ZIMA automatic vending machine business startup project
  • Unmanned operation: English language ability is unnecessary
  • Low start-up cost: can start-up from 10000 dollar
  • No daily operation cost: 1-man start-up, office is unnecessary
  • New management model: expand Blue Ocean Market
  • Everyone can do it: do not require any professional skills
  • Flexible: part time or housewife can also handle
  • Remote advertisement input support: require less local resources
The most complete product matrix
not only a vending machine just to sell drinks
Over 6 type of machine, adapt to more than 9 conditions, can find unsaturated market in every countries and cities. Each series of machine can be massively set up. Matching the right model type to different.
Ultra low cost vending machine without screen Use APP to pay in closed scenarios where high frequency is just needed
Profitable Scenario
Drink snacks in the office Apartment downstairs sells daily necessities and meals
New structured screen + perspective vending machine More space-saving, more eye-catching, more inventory, and can be done
Common Scenes
Public places, transportation hubs and many other occasions Office downstairs selling meals, snacks
Ultra-low cost, ultra-low electricity bill, worry-free operation, and quick return to cost Adapt to most different specifications
High demand with low traffic location
Community, hotel, apartment: living commodities Tourist Attractions, Villa: travel necessities Terminal, construction site: meals
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Smart APP connects everything
Unmanned Machine
One ZIMA APP to support the usage of all kind of unmanned machine. Through the connection between app and end user, allowing the execution of marketing scheme such as loyalty points, sharing, promotion, membership, etc.
Perfect marketing system
Points, coupons, recharge, printing are all available to change the vending machine business from street customers to regular customers
Comprehensive payment plan
Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WechatPay and more local bank or machine credit card accessories can be customized
Corporate Allowance
Help companies to pay benefits more conveniently "Breakfast subsidy", "Overtime subsidy" and "Sales champion welfare" can be issued according to time, number of people and subsidy amount
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Remote assistance from headquarters
The secret that one person can manage
You can think of the easiest way to do business without daily costs
Unique location selection computer system, and often adjusted according to actual operation. Ensure that each site has the best rent, distribution, and electricity bills as soon as possible.
The most troublesome and trivial machine selection, customer service, invoicing, data statistics help. Allows you to focus on more important things.
Help local operators to vote for site-recommended advertisements, find the core characters of each venue, and expand points without local resources and contacts.
Further Cooperation
Don't worry about insufficient funds, we will provide investment support with the best operating agents, fund the headquarters, set up a local branch to help you expand your business
Cooperation Type
Trial operation discount package
1. One container, four machines, three of each, exported at the same time, ready to use. (It contains multiple sets of accessories, no maintenance, simple replacement) 2. Free remote training on all issues such as product selection, procurement, warehousing, distribution, machine maintenance, etc. * Can be shipped within 60 days after payment * Limited places per city * Partners with retail experience are preferred