New Large Screen Smart Retail Terminal
A rule from retail industry - "If you understand women, you could understand the world". Selling emergency commodities in the category of living necessities, such as the product we always need at the embarrass moment, napkin, or tissue that we need in our daily life. By satisfying women's emergency needs and daily needs, we are able to give caring and thoughtfulness to all the women.
Light and Handy
Easy to Setup
HD Large screen
Create more value
24-hour service
Less labor costs
Smart operation
Real-time data analysis
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Thin Machine Body
Light and Handy
470mm thin body, can be installed on wall, can easily fit in any public toilet.
High Capacity
Can store 80 products
High capacity design, can store 60-80 products. Reduce the frequency of product replenishment and delivery cost.
Large HD Screen Interaction
Smart advertising
HD advertisement display for product showcase and brand promotion.
Especially Design for Women
Solving special emergency need
When you are on your period and have sudden needs? Couldn't find a store nearby? have to buy the whole pack? ZIMA care, let the existence of napkin in washroom become as common as toilet paper.
Buy on demand
Purchase single individual package / the whole box
Purchase in one spot
Both tissue and wet wipes are available
Better supplies
Provide complementary products
Essential for public facilities
"Woman Emergency Need" services
Usage scenarios:
Shopping malls / high-speed rails / airports / schools / tourist scenic spots / public toilets and other public places
1950 * 867 * 889 mm
Touch screen, in-app purchase
Payment Method
In-app payment, electronic payment, Octopus, credit card
Maximum Product Type
40-48 type
Maximum Capacity
Exclusive Equipment
Built-in drop sensor
Temperature Monitoring
Room temperature
Special Design
2-way display, customise size of different product
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