Integrated room temperature retail terminal
There is always a product that needs to be stored in room temperature, such as bread and basic commodities.
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Convenient shopping
Room Temperature
Low maintenance cost
Adjustable product slot
Smart Operation
Real-time data analysis
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QR Code
Direct purchase by scanning QR code Convenient and user-friendly interface In-app purchase Increase customers' tendency
Room Temperature Operation
ZIMA Life cancel the use of compressor, low electricity cost, room temperature operation mode, more suitable for selling non-refrigerated product
Emergency products / Snacks / Basic commodities
Flexible Product Storage
Adapt to different product size
Better product display, separated by grid, more product type selection
Satisfying High Demand With Low-Traffic Location
Communities, Hotels, Apartments: Living commodities Tourist Attractions, Villas: Travel necessities Terminals, Construction Sites: Meals Shopping centres, shops: 24-hour product replenishment
1950 * 1000 * 320 mm
Touch screen, in-app purchase
Payment Method
In-app payment, electronic payment
Maximum Product Type
50-74 type
Maximum Capacity
Maximum Capacity
Built-in drop sensor
Special Design
Transparent glass showcase, can display product closely
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